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Digital Energy Investment

Gasvest is a revolutionary digital energy investment model powered by Gasnownow designed to tackle the challenges of LPG, AUTOGAS and clean energy penetration.

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Digital Energy Investment

By leveraging on pools of investment from investors passionate about clean energy and LPG penetration, but lacking the skill, technical know-how, time and location to execute effectively; we have created this to enable Gas vendors and marketers and product off takers have sustainable funds to increase product and service availability. It provides an opportunity for individuals to become a Gasfunder, by subscribing for a one-year investment plan.

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Digital Energy Investment

The Gasvest products are managed and deployed by Gasnownow and protected by Gasnownow insurance cover.

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Why our product is the best

To be the most preferred lpg service delivery partner every day, every time and everywhere in a safe, convenient, reliable and fast process.




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